1. How old are your dreads? - almost 14 monthz

2. How many dreadlocks do you have? - like 50?

3. How long are they? - without extensions to my shoulders, with extensions to my belly button

4. Why did you decide to get them? - sick of conforming to what society wanted me to be

5. How did everyone respond to them? - it was different from person to person

6. What do you LOVE  about your dreads? - everything

7. What do you dislike about them? - my hair is quite heavy

8. What are some of your pet peeves that come with having dreads? - how long they take to try and how heavy they are when wet

9. Have you ever dyed them? Do you want to? If so, what colour? - yeah, blonde, brown, blue, purple, pink

10. Do you do any daily maintenance to your dreads? What are the steps included? - nah

11. What dreadlock products do you stand by and why? - none

12. Which products do you regret trying? - nothing

13. What method did you use to start your locks? - natural/neglect

14. How much did it cost to get them done? - nothing

15. What compliments have you ever received about your dreads? - people tend to like them

16. Have you Influenced anyone to start their own dread journey? - maybe

17. Are you happy with how your dreadlocks look? - yess

18. What would you change about your locks if you could go back in time? - section them differently

19. How do you normally style/wear your dreads? - just down

20. How do you envision you and your dreads 5 years from now? Will you still even have them? - i would say forever, but i can’t predict the future